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What can you do with the equipping and training that you receive at APC Bible College? The opportunities are limitless.

While we present a few pointers here, you will of course have to pursue God’s call and follow His leading for your life.

Serve Where You Are

The best place to start is right where you are. Serve in your local church. Be a support to your pastor or others who are already engaged in ministry. You can serve with Christian ministries in your area. Very often in the process of serving alongside others, God’s gifts, grace and calling become evident to you and to those around you.

Launch A Ministry

Some of you may be further along the way in your spiritual journey and may be ready to launch a new ministry, whether as part of your local church, a Christian organization or on your own. The equipping you receive will be valuable to you as you launch out into something new.

Pioneer A Local Church

There are many areas in large cities, towns and villages where strong, Word-based, Spirit-empowered local churches are needed. Churches that reach and serve specific demographics may be needed. God may be directing you to establish a local church and raise up a community of strong believers. Take what you receive here at APC Bible College and go make it happen!

While our faculty will help guide you through your journey of discovery, we encourage you to speak to your local church pastor, spiritual mentors or leaders to receive their input as you journey into God’s highest and best for your life.

Ministry Opportunities At APC

From time to time graduates of APC-Bible College choose to serve in relevant opportunities with APC, in the following and other areas:

  • Internships
  • Pioneering Churches
  • Pioneering New Ministries
  • Itinerant Ministers
  • Technical, Creative and Organization Development

Please visit:
Employment at APC
Internships at APC
Church Planting and Ministry Accelerator Program